Hugh Scarlett

For the past 40 years, Hugh Alexander Scarlett has played, coached, and referred to the sport he loves – basketball. His love of the sport began when he was 13. He quickly became one of the key players on his teams winning many trophies and MVP awards over the span of his career.

Hugh attributes basketball as being instrumental in keeping him on the straight and narrow. Through basketball, he became a member of the Black Community Centre where coaches inspired him to focus and work hard to excel on and off the court. Basketball allowed him to develop and nurture relationships that have resulted in lifelong friendships.

When the Black Community Centre folded, there was a void that needed to be filled. Hugh saw it as the perfect opportunity for him to give back to the community. And so, he created and launched Montreal United, a basketball-focused youth and mentorship organization.

Hugh’s coaching philosophy centers around three core principles- team first, focus on fundamentals, and have fun! It has been a long and challenging journey but Hugh’s passion and commitment to the youth, fuelled by his love of sports and community continues to motivate him to move forward.

Hugh Scarlett

Chief Executive Officer