About Us

About Montreal United

Montreal United is a non-profit organization that offers mentoring to youth through sports. From a young age, Montreal United program participants develop a feeling of belonging in the community and a desire to contribute positively within their community by active involvement on issues and matters that are pertinent to the community they reside in. Citizenship and being a positive role model for others plays a major role in what Montreal United brings to each program participant. Furthermore, as community youth focus on being involved in positive activities such as team sports, it nurtures their self-esteem, teaches them to be respectful of themselves and others and encourages fair play, sportsmanship and helps to develop leadership skills.

Our Mission

Our program’s mission is to encourage participants to cultivate the determination to accomplish their goals; to develop the commitment to elevate their skills; to build up the perseverance to overcome challenges; to promote acceptance and open-mindedness between youth from diverse cultures.

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