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Lyndsay touched many people in his short lifetime.

As a basketball player, when Lyndsay was younger, he was determined and played with heart and soul. As a point guard, he inspired his teammates to put forth their best efforts.

At home and as a parent, he was a dedicated and loyal man who spent quality time with his family and was an attentive father to his sons. Whenever he came to the gym, he often had them with him. As a matter of fact, that is how his son Q came to play for Montreal United for a few years.

Lyndsay coached high school basketball at Mount Royal High School, including one of the best players in Montreal at that time who would go on to play in the NBA.

Lindsay was a brother to me. Once he had moved away from coaching, Lyndsay found ways to give back to the community and also became a valued partner and member of Montreal United.

As a tribute to Lyndsay, going forward, our tournament will bear his name – Lyndsay A. Burnett Invitational Basketball Tournament. “I got you, Son!”