Montreal United Media (“MUM”) is the video production arm of the organization. It is a response to the reality that a Basketball career can end suddenly due to injury, or other unforeseen circumstances. It is therefore important that all players have a plan B, particularly those with aspirations of playing professionally.

MUM was created to give our participants the opportunity to acquire other skills that can be used to build successful careers. Like basketball,
quality content creation is built on teamwork. If each player owns and plays their position well, this increases the chances of winning the game. The same principle applies to video content creation. When each member of the crew carries out their assigned tasks, sound, light, camera etc., they will have a successful shoot which results in footage that can be edited and shaped into an engaging film that audiences will want to watch.

MUM’s video training program will give participants the opportunity to learn the basics of visual storytelling so they can work together as a team, to tell their stories in their own voices on and off the court — stories that capture footage of practices, games, tournaments and road trips, various activities and tournaments.

This raw footage will be edited into short videos that will be featured on Montreal United’s website, and its other social media platforms, including Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, etc. The videos will also be used as training tools during workshops.

Capturing and learning, one game, one shot at a time.